StumbleUpon Introduces 5by, Your Daily Video Mashup

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Meet StumbleUpon’s video concierge, 5by. For all those times you feel wary, unease and wish a spaceship could just…fly you away, 5by can help you change that mood with the perfect video.

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StumbleUpon’s 5by comes to no surprise as the network is basically your friendly content recommendations platform, or simply a place to discover and share information. What 5by basically does is simple: it takes your general interests into consideration and then based on the time of the day, offers a wide variety of categories, with a wide variety of videos.

So, it’s Friday morning and we can’t wait for the weekend. How about we kill some time?




Although we loved the concept and ease of use that 5by offers when it comes to finding the perfect video, we certainly did not like the videos auto-playing. The application is “eating” a lot of unnecessary bandwidth that occasionally kills mobile function.

5by has a general rating of around 3.5. The application is available for free and can be downloaded and used on any mobile device. 5by is available for Android and iPhone.


Have you tried it? If so, what do you think of 5by?

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