Strings Lets You Control The Privacy Of Your Social Conversations

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Social media platforms are awesome because they let you share whatever you want with whomever you want, whenever you want. But there is a catch, once you have shared something online, even if just a few friends, it is out there forever, and you cannot control how it will spread from there on. Recent stories around Snaps gone wild on SnapChat have shown how even the things you share on “ephemeral” platforms cannot be controlled. Until now…

Strings is a new messaging app that lets you delete messages after you have posted them and control how your content gets shared with the world.

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Strings is the app you need if you were looking for a safer and easier way to have private conversations online.

With Strings, you can choose to send a message to a single recipient or create a group chat. Messages can contain text, HD images or video. The difference with other messaging app, ephemeral or not, is that with Strings, you keep control, because recipients cannot download what you share without your consent. And on top of that, with Strings, you can always delete something you have sent, or even a full conversation. And when we say delete, we mean remove from everywhere!


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Oh, and there is also a button to easily mute groups and conversations, for when your day is just too busy to deal with everyone.


Strings lets you reclaim control of your online conversations. How? Because you always stay in control of who can see and download what you share.

Download Strings for iPhone now:


The Android version should be released soon. To be among the first to get it, you can register here.

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