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Still Trying To Integrate Your App With Facebook?

by • September 9, 2014 • Breaking News, FacebookComments Off on Still Trying To Integrate Your App With Facebook?4023

If you haven’t heard the news, then this is a great day for programmers around the globe. Facebook has announced a drastically easier way to integrate your apps with Facebook, by transforming the process into a much more comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

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The old process consisted of various steps which didn’t make sense to everyone – developers had to  find and download Facebook’s latest SDKs, then create a Facebook App ID, enable the platform they were building for and so on… But, this is history now. As Dmitry Soshnikov, Software Engineer at Facebook writes:

“We are always trying to improve the experience for developers, and having a quick start to integrating with Facebook is one example.”

First of all, the social network has dropped all the steps that were irrelevant with the apps, kept only what’s related to them and made it far more interactive. In addition, instead of downloading SDKs, they are now added inline so that developers can copy and paste them to their apps’ code.

Facebook new registration flow

Moreover, after registering your app, Facebook will show you relevant documentation about adding more features to your app, such as Facebook Login button etc.

This doesn’t end here, as the social network is planning to expand the guides for iOS, Android, Websites and Canvas which is currently offered. Till then, stay tuned!

You can have a quick glimpse at the new registration process here.

Have you tried the new workflow? What are your thoughts?

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