Sorry Snapchat, People Spend More Time On Instagram

by • August 7, 2017 • Instagram, SnapchatComments Off on Sorry Snapchat, People Spend More Time On Instagram3852

The numbers never lie: Social platform users – no matter their age – spend more time on Instagram, than on Snapchat.

Instagram doesn’t usually care much about publishing data on how much time its users spend on its platform. But now, the Facebook-owned company is suddenly keen for all of us to know users spend more time on its app than on Snapchat.

Instagram claims its users under the age of 25 spend “more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram,” while users 25 and over “spend more than 24 minutes a day” on the app.

Both these numbers are higher than what Snap shared back in February. And numbers could be even lower now. Snap said that under-25s spent “over 30 minutes on Snapchat every day,” while users 25 and older spent “approximately 20 minutes on Snapchat every day.”

The difference may not seem that big, but for a platform built only around ephemeral content, each minute counts. This is especially true when it comes to maximising the ad space available: the more a users stays, the higher the chances of serving more ads.

Snapchat should be worried. Instagram Stories are only a year old, yet they have already proved to be a major concern for the future of Snapchat.

What about you? Do you spend more time on Instagram or Snapchat?

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