Someone Tricked Twitter With A 35,000-Character Tweet

by • November 27, 2017 • Social Fun, TwitterComments Off on Someone Tricked Twitter With A 35,000-Character Tweet3089

Were you impressed when Twitter increased its character limit to 280? These guys weren’t, and literally broke the platform with a 35,000 character Tweet.

Whether you like it or not, we now all have twice more characters to write Tweets with. And if you thought that was a lot, imagine how a 35,000-character long tweet would look. Two German guys tricked Twitter into sharing a post that exceeded all logical limits.

@Timrasett and @HackneyYT shared the 35K character tweet as a proof they had found a way into sharing longer-than-allowed Tweets. Of course, the tweet was soon deleted by Twitter, and both “culprits” were also assigned a temporary ban.

One user, however, thought he had found the way these two had managed to break Twitter. It seems like most of these characters formed a (very) long URL:

The tweet may have been deleted swiftly, but proof of its existence was captured in the Internet Archive, where it will live forever as a reminder that all rules can be broken.

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