Someone Started An Awesome Book Club On Facebook

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There are one thousand and one ways to use Facebook. For one, it’s gigantic and you can reach out to millions of people throughout the world. People who share the same interests as you. Someone has just had the most brilliant idea, to use this networking power: a book club.

It all started last week when I saw that a friend of mine uploaded a strange status update on Facebook. At first I almost ignored, it because it looked like one of those copy/pasted status some people dumbly share to complain about a new Facebook feature, or warn people of the danger of nonexistent malware… But a word caught my attention: “book club.” So, I liked it.

A few days later, I received a message from my friend, with instructions on how to participate and to join what now appeared to be a fantastic idea for book lovers.

The first step was to buy a book, new or used, or choose one of my favourites at home. Then I had to send it to the person mentioned in my friend’s message. Once I did that, I was to share the status on my timeline too. I did.

The message also included my friend’s address and further instructions on how the book club works. Everyone who likes your status, joins in. Then you send them the same message you received, after you have updated the postal addresses: the people who like your status are asked to send a book to the person you received the message from. They then share the status themselves, and everyone who likes their status will receive a message from them, asking them to send a book to you.

I don’t have to go through the maths for you: you post one status, you message everyone who likes it, they send a book to your friend, and ask their friends (who liked their status) to send a book to you. Hence, all it takes you is one status update and a few messages, send one book, and you could potentially receive dozens of books from all over the world as the “book club” spreads from user to user.

Now I know this will remind many of you of a pyramid scene, but hey… all it takes is one book! I sent my book, now let’s see how many I will see coming through my postbox! Spread the knowledge people, share a book!

Who else thinks this is an AWESOME idea? Wanna join in?

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