Social Media Usage Stats in 2014 [Infographic]

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Wake up, it’s 2014! Can you keep up with the changes in Social media? Do you know what channel to use for your business or your clients? Do you know what the trends are or what direction to steer your social efforts?

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Things are ever-changing and it seems that every time you look away, something is different! So, to stay on top of things, we’ve found an infographic that puts all the information together for you! IDF Marketing just published it and it maps out the social Media landscape in 2014.

Key Points to Remember

  • – Over 73% adults are using social networking sites
  • Europe has the highest Internet penetration in the world
  • USA and Oceania have the highest Social Media penetration in the world
  • – Almost 1 in 2 people aged  65+ are active on Social Media
  • – Women are 75% more likely to be active on Pinterest
  • – 71% of users access Social Media on a mobile device
  • – 60% of Facebook and Instagram users log in every day

Social Media Usage Stats 2014 - An Infographic from IDF Marketing

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