Social Media Marketing Rises Again This Holiday Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Christmas, Festivus, the Holiday Season… whatever you may call it. It’s nearly 3 months away, but marketers are already preparing for the huge marketing push on social media and other channels!

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Offerpop surveyed more than 120 professionals and the conclusion was unanimous; Holiday season success is hugely based on social media success. Marketers have already prepared their plans and they are now ready to put them on action.

Key Points To Take Away

  • – 62% are interested mainly in driving sales and extend their brand reach. 19% want to generate leads, and 13% want to drive traffic to their websites.
  • – In 2013, holiday spending was over €600 billion, and this number is expected to rise by around 8%, so it’s no surprise that marketers are putting a lot more effort into social media in their marketing activities for 2014…
  • – Would you be surprised to find out that although 67% of marketers will increase their spending in social media – major networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) exclusively –  16% will actually invest in Snapchat?
  • – Even Yo has an honourable mention here, with nearly 1% of marketers planning to spend their money there!

Find out more about the social media marketing trends this Holiday Season in the infographic below.


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