Social Media And The Hospitality Industry [Infographic]

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Came across this very interesting infographic the other day on, about how the hospitality industry uses social media to engage and appeal to its customers. The insights it provides are quite interesting actually… This is what I got from it, but do have a look for yourself!

  • By 2015, 9 out of 10 consumers will have a mobile phone
  • Almost one-third of travellers have found flight plans and deals through mobile apps
  • Over 80% of travellers use their smartphones while traveling and over 40% check in on Facebook and Foursquare, so there’s a great chance to push tips and offers to them WHILE they’re travelling.
  • What do they do on holiday on their smartphones? Take photos, use maps, search for restaurants, search for activities and attractions, check in prior to flying.

So, how do businesses deal with this? They do the most important of all! “Offer personalised Customer Service!”

And who do they target in a family? Moms! Who would have thought??

Modern Hospitality: Social Media With a Smile

Image compliments of Best Hospitality Degrees


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