We are Social Media - Infographic by Dan Zarrella

Social Calls-to-Action Work [Infographic]

by • May 29, 2013 • Experts TalkComments Off on Social Calls-to-Action Work [Infographic]2577

Asking people to do things was always the main principle of advertising. TV spots, Press Inserts, radio spots, promoters… whatever the medium, the message was always about promoting a product or service and asking targeted people to act, most often buy.

Funnily, this has gone missing when we shifted to social media marketing. Suddenly, not only we stopped asking people to do things, it even became “uncool” to do so. Well, this is wrong. And it is even more wrong because CTAs work on social media.

In his latest infographic, Dan Zarrella, shows how his research into social calls-to-action across multiple channels for the past few years, shows that CTAs increased action rates

We are Social Media - Infographic by Dan Zarrella

[READER] Do you use CTAs in your social media content? Do you think they are “uncool”?

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