We are Social Media - Infographic

So How do Companies Actually Approach Social Media?

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Social Media is here and most companies have now integrated it in their activity plan. But how exactly do they approach Social Media? Do they prefer to outsource or do in in-house? What do they expect from Social Media Activities?

The following infographic offers some real good insight in how companies approach Social Media.

The 3 key learnings are:

1. A Degree in Communication, PR and/or Marketing, together with 1-3 years Working Experience and good Writing Skills  will lead you to a successful career in Social Media

2. Social Media is still very much used by companies as a Marketing, PR and Corporate Communication tool. Although Customer Service is on the rise.

3. Companies measure the effectiveness of Social Media by…. Numbers! The number of fans/followers, engagement level and web traffic originated are still the Key Performance Indicators they are looking for as increased brand awareness, web traffic and improved reputation are still what companies want to achieve with Social Media.

We are Social Media - Infographic

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