SNICKERS’s Full Super Bowl Ad Is Here!

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Earlier in the week we brought you the SNICKERS’s Super Bowl Teaser. The campaign promising to reward fans with the full 30-second ad before Super Bowl Sunday if it got 2.5m engagements is officially over. The campaign was also heavily promoted on the brand’s Facebook Page as well as Twitter but it’s on YouTube that it did extremely well. In just over a week, views flew above 2.8m! So, SNICKERS  kept its promise and the full ad is here for everyone to see.

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The ad, like the teaser, “predictably” again features Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady with an axe (not a machete), to hilarious effect, as well as some of the original characters from the show… Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson). It also features a special guest, and to find out who, you will just have to watch the ad. ;-) Super Bowl ads are known to be good – I think SNICKERS has a winner, both for comedy and top engagement value!

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With no further ado, here’s the video.

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