Snickers Turns Its YouTube Pre-Roll Ads Into Video Games

by • February 1, 2017 • Creative CampaignsComments Off on Snickers Turns Its YouTube Pre-Roll Ads Into Video Games4733

YouTube’s pre-roll ads are definitely not the most engaging advertising format. Many brands have tried to create a stronger experience for viewers. Snickers was able to do so in a pretty awesome way! 

YouTube pre-roll ads are great for brand awareness, if you can keep a viewer’s attention. And at that game, Snickers just won. How? By transforming its pre-roll ads into video games!

Snickers truly believes that “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” So, together with Impact BBDO, the brand launched a YouTube campaign that sees you helping people stay calm, by feeding them Snickers. All this, in a pre-roll video.

The first video stars a frightening school bus driver, on the edge of going completely mad. Your mission is to calm him down, by clicking on Snickers bars as they travel across your screen. You have 15 Snickers bars, and you must last at least 45 seconds to win.

Game on!

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