Snapchat Cares About Your Data Usage

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It’s lovely how all those smartphones manage to burn all your precious megabytes, especially when you are travelling abroad. But it’s not fun having to pay a phone bill as high as your overall trip costs, is it?

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Don’t worry, because Snapchat has found a solution to that. The app has launched a brand new feature, dubbed TravelMode, that prohibits content from preloading automatically when you’re abroad.

This new feature is really helpful as it allows you to manage your data consumption. This is an issue that has been raised by many users,  especially concerning the ‘Discover’ section which features a significant number of videos from Snapchat’s partners.

You can set the TravelMode option via the Manage screen in the app. From there, you have several options regarding the content that you want to preload (or not preload whatsoever). You can either choose to preload videos and content from Friends, Live Stories or Discover or none of the aforementioned.

It’s good not having to worry about extra costs – thank you Snapchat!

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