Snapchat Brings Bitmoji Widget Feature To Android And iOS

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Snapchat has launched a new feature that allows users to turn their friends’ Bitmoji into widgets on their home screen. The feature was first being tested on Android, but has also now been launched on iOS as well. 

Snapchat has always seemed to favour iOS over Android as most updates have taken place on iOS first. This update came in a different order, but now it’s available on both platforms. The new feature is allows them to turn their friends’ Bitmoji into widgets on their home screen, which they can then tap to get to the chat with their friend. Of course, the feature requires both users and their friends to have Bitmoji before it can work.

So make sure you have installed Bitmoji – it’s great! I mean, why would you say no to creating or customising your own Bitmoji character who looks almost exactly like you? The above information first first came from the Verge, which has asked for Snap Inc. to comment on the new feature. Yesterday, TechCrunch confirmed that the feature had indeed also rolled out on iOS as well.

Snap Inc is fresh out of its recent IPO, and despite the fact that this new feature is not a big or particularly important one, it certainly improves the experience for those who use Snapchat a lot. It’s certainly easier for users to go straight into chats with their best friends.

All you have to do to use Bitmoji Widgets on iOS is swipe right to get to your Today screen.  There you can edit your widgets (you’ll have to scroll down for that), add Snapchat, and those friends who have created personalised Bitmoji will automatically appear as widgets to use. On Android, you will have to tap and hold your home page (an empty bit), then select ‘Widgets,’ then Snapchat, and then choose up to four friends to add as Widgets.

Images: MontrellOThigpen™ on Twitter.

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