Snapchat Announces Two Cent Per View Video Ads

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Snapchat wants advertisers to take it seriously, and wants to start making serious ad money. It also wants to start helping publishers on Discover to makes some too! What better way than to launch 10-second video ads that will only cost 2 cents per view? Here comes Two Pennies, from Snapchat.

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Announced only a few days ago, Two Pennies were created in partnership with the Daily Mail and Elite Daily, as the media company and its recent acquisition will be available to help brands create content for the ads. Snapchat  is an engaging place, and has been seen as relatively limited on advertising. Two Pennies changes that, making the platform a lot stronger in its ads offering and making Discover a lot more relevant for advertisers.

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Director for Discover at Snapchat , Nick Bell, explained:

It’s a really, really simple product. It’s a 10 second ad, two cents per view to reach a really engaged audience.

As simple as it might be, it certainly makes a difference for Snapchat and the Discover tab that was launched months ago.

Whether Two Pennies will actually be successful or not is to be seen, but it places Snapchat as a platform that has its eye on the other big players, and wants to compete. With other social platforms putting a lot of effort into developing their own ad solutions, Snapchat is getting serious about advertising.

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