Snapchat And Viacom Open The Door For More Advertisers

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Snapchat has always wanted to attract more advertisers, and an upcoming deal with Viacom may prove that its time to become a mainstream medium may have finally come.

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Reuters explains that Viacom, the American global mass media company, is looking to establish a deal with the social platform that will allow it to sell content on Snapchat and through its advertising network. This potential deal would extend the current one, which allows Viacom to participate in Snapchat’s Discover feature with Comedy Central and MTV.

More specifically, the new deal, which is reportedly under negotiation. will give Viacom access to the currently unbranded Live Stories. The latter consists of curated user-posts based on geolocation. It’s very  possible that Viacom will enter the world of promoted location targeted content in the next few months.

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Snapchat is the go to platform for marketers that want to reach younger demographics and experiment with raw, unedited content. Apart from that, Snapchat is currently planning on rolling out a self serve ad mechanism that will allow brands and advertisers to purchase their own advertising space on the platform.

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