Snapchat Acquires Search App Vurb

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Snapchat “went shopping” this week. We have learned that the company is paying more than $110 million (some sources estimate $200 million) to acquire Vurb – a search engine and discovery app.

What Does Vurb Do?

According to its website, it offers an experiential approach to search, offering tailored results based on what users like and love. It serves search results with a sophisticated method which takes into account users’ interests, what’s trending, time of day, weather, and location. Users can save specific search results – which come up in the form of interactive cards – buy something, book tickets, or whatever else the card allows them to do.

How Is This Relevant To Snapchat?

Well, it may be or not. Snapchat is struggling with content discovery, whether it comes from users or brands. Vurb could offer a solution to this problem, and also help facilitate a variety of interactions. Another option would be that Snapchat reinforces its engineering team, adding experienced members to its current staff. Both options are equally plausible.

It’s the second big acquisition Snapchat makes this year, after acquiring Bitmoji back in March.

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