Snapchat Rolls Out 3D AR Bitmoji And Sky Filters

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Snapchat has launched a cool new Lens with 3D AR Bitmoji, and ‘Sky Filters’ that allow you to apply dramatic filters to the skies in your snaps.

6 years ago, Snapchat was “brought into this world,” changing the way we use social media, but also some other very popular social media apps that we use daily. hint hint… To mark this special occasion, and what looks like an app’s step into adulthood, Snapchat has launched a cool new Lens that includes new 3D AR Bitmoji.

Yes, that’s right you can now have your worn 3D AR Bitmoji that blends into your snap and you can also interact with it. Applying the Bitmoji lens allows you to scale, drag, pinch, and zoom it. Moreover, by pressing the record button, your Bitmoji will animate based on the surroundings. For instance, if you place your hand in front of the camera, it will sit on your palm.

Apart from the 3D AR Bitmoji, Snapchat also released Sky Filters that automatically detect the sky in your snaps and apply filters to it. The result is truly amazing, with users being able to create really dramatic and impressive effects.

So, when you snap, you can now get your Snapchat app to detect the sky, so you can easily replace it with different weather patterns, sunsets, rainbows, cloud patterns and more. The filters are going live this week and will rotate the different filters daily.

Earlier this year, it also added World Lenses to help its users add objects and effects to their “reality.” Cool stuff indeed.

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