Slack Adds Calls To Mobile And Desktop

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Slack wants total dominance of the team collaboration space, so it’s moving as fast as it can, launching feature after feature to try to outmanoeuvre both Skype and WhatsApp. To gain the upper hand, Slack has just added calls for teams on desktop and mobile.

Yes. There are many ways to communicate. Writing is one way. Talking is another – talking also happens to be the easiest. Especially when you are collaborating with different teams talking makes a lot more sense. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Slack has just added calls to its offering. Any user can make one-on-one calls, but only paid teams get to use group calls in any channel or group DM. Once any user has started a call, other users can just join in when they see the invitation to do so.


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After months of beta-testing, calls on Slack are finally here. They’re easy to use as well. On Windows or Mac desktop Slack apps, or the version running in Google’s Chrome browser, you will be able to see a phone icon in the upper right-hand corner of any particular channel’s header.

In Slack’s iOS and Android apps, you can just tap the “Start a call” button in the channel or DM drop-down menu. During calls, team members can also use emoji to display emotion, approval, disapproval etc by clicking on emoji that will display over that user’s avatar. All without interrupting the speaker.


Have you tried calls on Slack yet? If you want to find out more about how to use calls on Slack, check out this relevant help section.

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