The Top 10 Brands on Twitter for Customer Service

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Many Brands do well on Twitter. But which among them are the best in their field? And what if this field is customer service? As we all know, Twitter is all about (mostly) real-time interaction and some companies are champions in this sector. What’s more natural than people rewarding them by following and discussing with them.

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Simply Measured went through thousands accounts and performed a lengthy study which resulted in these 10 accounts that go the extra mile in order to answer their followers’ questions and help them with their respective problems. Some cool facts follow:

  • HSBC rules the response time, keeping it just above 30 minutes. Their key to success is that they let their customers know about their availability and they proceed with introducing themselves, thus setting a friendly tone.
  • American Express lets its followers know when they are available for troubleshooting with a simple – yet effective – manner: They tweet ‘Goodmorning‘ and ‘Goodnight‘ to signal the beginning and end of shifts.
  • Dell provides detailed, step-by-step help to their followers through Twitter and helps them ensure that their devices are up and running and problem-free.

Go through the following SlideShare and get ideas for your customer service department!

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