SickWeather App Scans Social Networks And Keeps You Healthy

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Weather is ambivalent, it may be freezing cold and then switch to warmer, which is more or less the ideal environment in which viruses flourish. So, as doctors say: “Prevention is better than cure” and SickWeather App is here to make it come true.

This new app scans social media activity, looking for triggers and suspicious words (e.g. “Coughing”).  Sickweather can track posts like “I’m sick,” “the doc says I have bronchitis” and “My son has chickenpox.” When this information is made publicly available by the user and contains location information, the app is able to track and map this data using patent-pending algorithm. The latter can, reportedly, distinguish the difference between “I have fever” and “I have bieber fever”, thus guaranteeing that only illness-related content will be displayed at the interactive map.

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So, if you are an iOS user you just download it from the app store, define your location and select map view. The ‘sick’ results will appear shortly on your screen. You may also opt to receive alerts in case you are approaching a ‘sick’ zone. Even if you are not and iOS user, you will still find all the info you need on Sickweather website. Now you know; Prevention is better than cure!

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