Show Me The Numbers: Twitter Unveils New Analytics

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Twitter processes an incredible amount of data everyday. On top of that, there are several platforms that use all that data stream to offer real-time analytics to marketers, users and anyone interested. To tackle all this information overload, Twitter debuted its new analytics platform, dubbed Heron.

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The new analytics system replaces Storm, an open-source platform which was used by Twitter to provide users and platforms with real-time data. Just to give an idea of the amount of work Storm pulled through all these years: Billions of tweets are analysed everyday.

To cope with both increase in content and change of content (it’s not only 140 characters anymore), the brains behind Twitter decided to develop Heron, a brand new platform, that can tackle the  surging demand of data analysis.

With Heron, developers will enjoy a series of advantages; process of billions of events per minute, sub-second latency and predictable behavior at scale;, high data accuracy in failure scenarios, resiliency under temporary traffic spikes and pipeline congestions, easier debugging  and simple deployment in a shared infrastructure.

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And if all these sound like Chinese to you, here’s the most important piece of information you should keep: Heron will extend the currently available Storm APIs, which basically means that developers won’t have to struggle to establish compatibility with their platforms.

Why Twitter is moving towards this move? A plausible guess would be that the demand for real-time analytics is on the rise. Only a few days ago, the social media network announced that it will help Google with its real-time marketing efforts – and this could only mean much more traffic.

For all you techies out there, you can find more info here.

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