Shop Directly From Twitter With #AmazonCart

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Amazon has joined forces with Twitter to let users add items to their Amazon cart by including the #AmazonCart hashtag within a tweet.

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To work, you will first need to connect your Twitter account to Amazon. Then simply lookout for amazon product links on your Twitter timeline and you can add the specific products to your online shopping cart by replying to the tweets and adding #AmazonCart (watch out, it’s #AmazonBasket in the UK).

“Add it now, buy it later” is the slogan Amazon is using on a promo video explaining the new feature.

This new feature not only extends the retail reach of Amazon beyond its own website,  but also transforms Twitter users into product advocates as they are publishing tweets indicating which items they are planning to purchase from Amazon.

What do you think of such marketing extensions? Do you think this new feature is useful or not? Let us know in the comment section or on your tweets!

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