Share 20-second cuts of Your Favorite Youtube Videos with Bloop It

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Youtube is the largest video library in the world. You can pretty much find anything you want on Youtube. Whether you are searching for football highlights, a cooking recipe or simply a song you love, there is a video for it on Youtube. Ok, but sometimes, all you want is a small part of the video, so you can share it easily with your social media friends.

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Bloop It is a new mobile video sharing app that lets you cut down Youtube videos to their best 20 seconds and share it across all your social media profiles.

Bloops are short clips of the funniest, scariest, cutest, dorkiest parts of your favorite Youtube videos. With Bloop It, you can capture and edit theseinto 20 second or less clips and then share them with the world!

Check out the video to understand better what blooping is all about:

Bloop It is already available for iOS and is coming soon for Android.

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