Send And Receive SMS With Facebook Messenger

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Everyone might be talking about bots and the future of Messenger, but the truth is that the Facebook app was still lacking one thing to be a serious all-rounder messaging app: SMS support.

In fact Messenger used to offer just this until 2013. But today, several reports show that Facebook is re-introducing the capacity to send and receive SMS within Messenger. Even if it’s only available on Android for the moment.

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No matter how great technology becomes, there will always be a time when on of your friends will not have access to our beloved 4G (or 3G for that matter) and then it will be chatting via SMS, or not chatting at all. And that’s were being able to send and receive SMS from Messenger starts to make sense: you can continue conversations started on the app, even when your friend ends up somewhere where data isn’t available.

However, Messenger goes further as David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products at Facebook, explains that you can also send voice clips, stickers or share your location via the SMS platform.

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It is very likely that Facebook is adding SMS support to Messenger to compete with Google’s own messenger which already offered this feature. Me, on the other end, I keep struggling trying to figure out what kind of relationship or competition plays between the Messenger and WhatsApp team.

But, the truth is that sending SMS from Messenger is cool. And I cannot wait for this new feature to be confirmed and also become available on iOS.

What do you think? Have you got access to the SMS feature on your Android phone yet?

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