Melodigram Brings Sound to Your Selfies!

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They say that half of a movie is the music, as it creates ambiance and sets the pace of the scene. What’s more natural, than adding some drama to your snapshots then?

This question is now answered by Melodigram, which manages to dress your pictures with the music (or sounds) you like.

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This is not another social network, however, the purpose of Melodigram is to enhance your social shares. You just take your picture (preferrably selfie), record a sound and then send it with Facebook, Twitter or SMS and email. According to the company, connectivity with WhatsApp is on the way.

The reason behind the development of the application is very simple. According to co-founder and CEO Jonathan Massey:

A Happy Birthday on Facebook feels so sterile and worthless and there seems to be nothing that people currently use regularly to convey their feelings quickly and easily. This is what we are aiming to change

Here’s the promotional video Melodigram has produced for promotion purposes (just turn the audio low :P)

Update: Melodigram now offers connectivity with WhatsApp, Tumblr and Pinterest. You can also copy the link of your snapshot and paste it wherever you want. Another reason why we love Melodigram!

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