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The Skippable Ad By Barclays That Skips On Its Own

by • May 23, 2017 • Creative CampaignsComments Off on The Skippable Ad By Barclays That Skips On Its Own4193

I’m pretty sure that YouTube’s skippable ads last way longer than 5 seconds. In fact, I think they have some magical powers that distort the time-space curve and make 5 seconds look like 1 minute. However, this ad by Barclay’s is the only one in recent months that I did not want to skip.

You see, my friends, cinematography is the essence of things. Whether you go for something elaborate, evocative and filled with nouvelle vague references (even if you advertise super markets), or do something extremely smart that will give you a rare and elusive “Huh?” moment.

This ad by Barclays falls into the second category. Their pre-roll ad consists of a Rube Goldberg machine which delivers the bank’s message, then self-skips to other (arguably more interesting) videos. Genius!

The ad was produced by the Martin Agency, mostly know about its acclaimed Geico videos, which wan multiple awards.

You can also watch the making of video below:

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