See A Font You Like? This App Will Identify It For You

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WhatTheFont is a designer’s dream: see a font you like, take a picture with your phone, and the app will find it for you.

Before I start, let me explain: this app is the Shazam for fonts, and maybe even better.

WhatTheFont is the mobile app version of the well-known website MyFonts.com. The app can recognise fonts on any screen or printed material. All you have to do is point your phone’s camera, take a picture of the text, and the app will automatically look for text, identify the font, and come up with a variation of similar fonts. It even lets you try the font with your own text before buying it through MyFonts.

WhatTheFont is almost limitless: powered by machine learning, the app can identify 130,000 fonts, and identify multiple fonts in the same image – faster and more accurately than any existing website can do.

Watch it in action:

If you are a graphic designer, this is one app you can’t afford to ignore. Download WhatTheFont for free on iOS and Android.

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