Save Your Meerkat Videos to YouTube With Katch

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Meerkat – the live video streaming app – already made headlines this month, becoming the most talked about app at SXSW, after Twitter attempted to cut off access to its API. Now, it’s getting upgrades. Up until now, Meerkat users could save their video streams to their device – now with an app called Katch, users can upload Meerkats to YouTube.

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It’s no surprise therefore, that Katch is called the “Meerkat’s record button”. The way that Katch does this is really quite interesting though. All you have to do is add the #Katch hashtag to the description of your stream, and the app will save it and upload it to YouTube. As soon as it’s ready, a link to the video on Katch’s YouTube Channel will appear in your feed’s comments. Now, I know what you are thinking… “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of Meerkat’s live feed?” Well, yes to a certain extent it does. But then again, if you do have a Meerkat feed, you can now archive the action. It’s practical.

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Don’t go looking for the videos on YouTube just yet though. They’re unlisted, so if you have a link you will be able to see them. Also, for now it seems that you cannot delete them – which is quite impractical really, especially if there is a problem with the video that you streamed and was subsequently saved.


In any case, Katch is a cool idea and works really well. As an extension to Meerkat it’s extremely useful, and the upside is that if Meerkat keeps growing, Katch is going to grow with it. Until of course Meerkat develops its own way to upload videos to your own YouTube Channel. It’s really interesting though, to see how an app that’s been around for a very short time has already spawned companion apps. Is this foresight of Meerkat’s future success?

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