Ride The Wave With Bono, The Dog

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The summer is here! The waves are waiting for you! But, oh wait, there’s someone that enjoys the beach more than you do. In fact, it’s a four-legged creature that surfs the waves and posts its musings on Instagram.

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Bono, a labrador, lives in Brazil and has hi-jacked the Instagram feed of his father, Ivan Moreira, a personal trainer who enjoys paddle board. The four-legged companion has proved to be a quick learner, riding the board along with his father, or even by itself and has gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

The beautiful labrador has even taken part in international competitions and has won accolades for its impeccable dog-surfer skills.

Check out more of fun in the sun moments by Bono below and make sure you follow @bonosurfdog for more “AWWW” snapshots:

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