Return on 5 Years of Fast Evolution in Social Media

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How long has it been since you opened your first social media profile? You might be an early adopter or you might be a recent newcomer, but no matter what, you must have felt how quickly things have been evolving over the last 5 years.

These 5 years did not only see a huge growth for the basic platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook but also some new networks that manage to make a nice spot for them on the map of social media, with the likes of Pinterest,  Instagram or even Google +.

Today, an amazing 1,730,000,000 users are on social media and the industry is now valued at a record $150,600,000,000 – just WOW!

Hootsuite is celebrating its 5th anniversary with this great infographic looking back at the important milestones in the evolution of social media over the past 5 years.

5 Years of Social Media

When did you open your first social media profile? Do you remember on which platform?

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