Remember Smiirl And Their Facebook Counter? They’re Back With More!

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Remember Smiirl? The French tech company that offered the first mechanical ‘Like’ counter for Facebook? Their success was overwhelming, even for them, and now they are back for more.

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When it hit the market a couple of years ago, everyone was talking about it and everyone wanted one. Imagine, it was the first good-looking mechanical counter that could proudly display your “social proof” in the physical world.

Any good shop, office or restaurant wanted one, and the small production ran out fast. Buyers could wait months to get their hands on their order. Now, two years later, the company has recently closed a €400,000 seed round to help it bring new products to market. And guess what is coming: A Twitter and an Instagram counter!


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The new Smiirl counters come in 2 versions: one with 5 digits, which will be enough for most SMBs, and a second one with 6 digits for those businesses that have met fame on social media. Delivery will start in September 2015 for the 5-digit version.


So, where will you put yours?

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