ReGifter Is A Tinder Lookalike To Exchange Gifts You Don’t Like

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Whether you like to give or to receive, gifts are always an awesome way to show someone that you care for them. But here is the thing: sometimes gifts are just wrong! Yes, sometimes gifts are “so not what we need, want, like…”

So what do you do in such case? You could throw it away, dump it in a dark corner of your flat, try to exchange it in store, or even get your money back! Or, you could Re-gift it to someone else, and get something you really want in exchange.

Well, now there is an app for that too: Discover ReGifter

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ReGifter is an app that works (and looks) much like Tinder, you know the “Swipe Left/Swipe Right” dating app. On ReGifter, you upload a picture of the gift you want to exchange, a short description and then select the right category and also the kind of gift you would like in exchange for yours, and finally, you decide on how far you are ready to go to exchange your gift.

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Then, much like on Tinder, you will have to find your match. Swipe left for the gifts your don’t like, or swipe right for the one you do like. Once a ReGifter you liked also likes you, it’s match! You both get informed and you can organize to meet and exchange your gifts for your mutual satisfaction.

Awesome isn’t it? There is just a catch. ReGifter is an app created during a fun hackathon by the awesome guys over at Rehab Studio, and it does not really exist, yet.

But do not be disappointed, there is a prototype version online. I am sure that if we are many to want this app to really exist, Rehab Studio will make it happen. It sure caught my attention and made some good buzz online.

For more information on ReGifter, and play with the prototype, visit this site.

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