Regardless of Where We are, We are All Connected

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2013 is coming to an end and it is the time we all choose to look back on the past year, think about what we achieved, what we missed, where we failed and where we succeeded. Think about the people we met, those who left, think about the good and the more difficult times.

While this is quite easy to do for our personal life, it is sometimes harder to remember the moments that happened around us, in the world. Facebook Stories will help us  by looking back on the events that marked Facebook in 2013.

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The video is not only well made it includes some strong messages. I particularly liked the closing line (which also has become the title of this post):

Regardless of Where We are, We are all connected.

How about you? Was it a year to remember? And what has been the place of facebook in your life in 2013?

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