Reddit’s About To Get A Lot More “Social” With New Design And Features

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Reddit is going to be going through some big changes quite soon. The social network is getting a lot more “social” and accessible to new users, with some design changes and new features.

The self-styled “front page of the internet” is starting to roll out a brand new design for profile pages that looks a lot more like Facebook or Twitter than “classic Reddit.” Features also include the ability for users to follow profiles and to post directly to pages. But don’t get too excited. The changes, announced recently in a post by Reddit’s development team, are not live for all Redditors, and are limited to “a very small number [of] high-profile users.” The post explains that they want to mare sure that these changes will not “directly impact [users’] day-to-day activities.”

Once the changes are given the green light by its chosen group of “alpha testers,” users will have the ability to start using a “more prominent” avatar and add a biography about themselves on their profile. Also, logged-in users will be able to see new posts from those they follow. Finally, they will be able to comment on profile posts but not create new ones.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian told Reuters that the changes are all part of a way to make Reddit “accessible” to new users who might find it hard to figure out how to share something. The changes mark a “real level up for Reddit,” in terms of users experience. Reddit explains in the the post announcing the new features, that,

[it’s] making this change because content creators [say] that they have a hard time finding the right place to post their content. [Reddit also wants] to support them in being able to grow their own followers (similar to how communities can build subscribers).

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