Rawr Messenger Brings 3D Avatars To Social Messaging

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With so many social networks and social messaging apps out there it is really difficult to stay updated with what what’s happening on the market. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult for new players to break through and become “big players”. Thus, companies are constantly looking for ways to grab attention – in many cases by releasing apps that feature some pretty unconventional features. Such is the case with Rawr Messenger.

Rawr Messenger is different because it brings 3D avatars into the equation. Rawr allows users to create virtual versions of themselves that can then chat or interact with each other in other ways.

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Users simply create their avatar and chat with friends (or other random users in Chartroulette-style) by registering their phone number with the service. And yes, by the looks of it the app is designed for the most digitally-savvy users today – teens.


An interesting feature is that users can make their avatars interact by using hashtags like #kick or #hug. Quite predictably #kick gets one avatar kick the other in the crotch. #Hug is also self-explanatory. They can even #twerk.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

Avatars will also respond to specific other words when used in a chat. The two avatars in a conversation stand below the chat conversation on the app.

Rawr is available on iOS at the moment. Why not check it out? If none of your friends are currently using the app you can at least learn the ropes with the virtual bear.

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