Quikkly Makes Your Real World Go Digital

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What if you could make you make everything you see clickable? What if you saw something interesting outside on the street and wanted to learn more about it, just by clicking on a button? If you have asked yourself these questions before, then Quikkly might be the answer for you.

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Quikkly lets you create action tags and scan them when you see them printed on everything you can imagine: from posters to garbage bins you can use the app and retrieve all the information you want or even perform a certain action.

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And that’s the main difference that separates Quikkly tags from traditional QR codes. QR codes contain a link that leads users to a landing page, while an action tag completes a task. Whether it’s adding an event on the calendar, streaming music, or simply liking on Facebook, Quikkly‘s technology contains a wide range of actions for users to perform.

Moreover, Quikkly promises that it’s super-easy for users to crate their own scannable tags and print them accordingly. Even there’s a mistake in printing, users can log in and change their tag, without having to print new ones. They can also modify their account, pause the tag, render it expired and check out which demographics are interacting with the tags.

For the time being, Quikkly offers a free version of the app, which allows users and brands scanning unlimited tags and free social tags with basic control. Free social tags include Like on Facebook, Follow on Facebook, Follow on Instagram, Follow on Twitter, Follow on Google+, Connect on LinkedIn, Add to Contacts, Connect to Free WiFi.


The good news is that Quikkly just raised $1m from Initial capitals, so more packages will be here, soon. As per the website, there will be even more options for businesses, such as creating premium social tags and have full access to analytics. Premium tags include Watch on YouTube, Find on Maps, Listen on Spotify, Listen on Soundcloud, Visit Website, Send Email, Call Number, Add to Calendar, Add to Google Calendar, Add to Device Calendar, Download on the App Store, Get it on Google Play.

Check out their awesome video below.

You can download Quikkly simply by clicking on the following links.

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