Prisma Gets Profiles And Its Own Trending Feed

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Prisma has been one of 2016’s top breakout apps, and has arguably been one of the most popular new apps of its kind. Now, it has got its biggest update, bringing “profiles” and its own “trending feed.” 

A trending feed? Profiles? Yes. Both. Prisma is officially becoming a self-contained social network. Users can now share on the platform for other users who follow them to see; not just on other platforms. Users can “like” posts and can click on the location of each post to explore other posts near that location. A trending feed will bring interaction and engagement with posts, and profiles will bring user interaction, and of course influencers to the platform.

Prisma is in a unique situation, as it can still offer the promise of more engagement.

Theoretically, a user can post a picture, get likes and watch his or her post spread and cover the whole world.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the app get the new “Profile” and “Feed” tabs, but also double the resolution for photos. The iOS app allows aspect ratio adjustments and also has a full-screen mode.

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