Popflock – The new App for Planning things with Friends

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The other day, I came across a new App, which is about to be released, called Popflock.

What I really liked about it- even if it’s not officially released  – is that it instantly responds to your questions, such as “what are we going to do tonight?” with the help of your friends.

In other words, with Popflock you can share your ideas, your activities, locations, events and take feedback from your friends. As soon as you agree all together for the perfect time and location, you can turn it to an official event.


On the extras:

  • Every friend can suggest a time and location and see, in real time, what is convenient for everyone
  • Create simple events, like going out for a beer or even a concert
  • You have the control of who is looking at your events

For the time being, the app is still in Beta version. But you can subscribe on their website and be the first to know when it will launch!

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