Pop The Cork! You Can Create Cinemagraphs Too.

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I’ll take just about any excuse to buy a bottle of champagne. Maybe it’s because I am fully committed to celebrating every little bit of life. Maybe it’s because I just really like champagne.

Either way, the bubbly came crashing into my social media life last week – bringing two of my big loves together in a big way!

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I am talking about cinemagraphs. And while they are not brand spanking new as an artform, these perfectly looped, isolated movement images ARE breaking into the social media marketing world with a vengeance.

Case in point. This recent Instagram post from Perrier Jouet.

I cannot stop watching it. I think I may have viewed it over 100 times now. It is mesmerizing. No … it’s hypnotic. Like some visual feast for my brain, it pulls me in again and again.

And while I’ve been enjoying cinemagraphs for some time, this one clicked for me in a way that seriously excites a marketer. It made me want to go buy some champagne. It made me even want to splurge on Perrier Jouet, which I consider a special occasion-only treat.

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How Did It Do That?

In short, movement. Among one’s choices for alcoholic beverages, champagne is one that embodies movement. The subtle, rising effervescence inside a champagne flute is one of the drink’s major selling points. Unlike your favorite brew’s bottle or can, the very glass you put champagne in is designed solely to accentuate this one magic quality.

The bubbles evoke a feeling. They unconsciously remind you of the best times of your life – weddings, graduations, and promotions. They emote.

And that deeply complex feeling mixed with nostalgia is exactly what this Perrier Jouet cinemagraph post recreates for me when I view it. Without even showing me the bubbles! Instead, the butterfly’s wings are a cunning translation. A multi-media transfiguration of what most strongly attracts me to the product.

This is marketing at its best, y’all.

And Perrier Jouet seems to know it. The above is Episode 1 of 4 so far.

Episode 4:

You Can Do It, Too.

I was so taken with the possibilities of cinemegraphs for my own social media content and advertising that I just had to figure it out.

From research to completion on a mimosa Sunday morning, I pulled off my first victory in less than 45 minutes! Thanks to the people who design the apps for the design-challenged.

I used this one (Microsoft Blink Cliplets) for my PC – it was totally FREE and super easy to use. But here is a list of sources for Apple & Android, too. For those of you outside the States, here’s Cinemagraphpro as well.

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