Play Your Own Tunes On The Grolsch YouTube Synthesiser

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Usually when a brand wants to build up some awareness, marketers go on looking for the net big idea.. and often end up producing a TV ad or a new YouTube video they hope will go viral. Don;t get me wrong, it might do the job. But what does it actually leave behind once your 30 seconds of user attention span are gone?

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Let’s face it, we now live in the era of interactivity. Social media taught us that the best way to engage with consumers is to invite them to interact with our brand. A few month ago, Honda came up with the Type R interactive YouTube video where users could switch from one side of a story to the other by hitting the ‘R’ key.

So What Can A Beer Brand Do To Interact And Engage With Consumers?

Grolsch, a beer brand from The Netherlands, does not benefit from a huge amount of awareness like other more famous beer brands. But they have great ideas.

Grolsch and its agency, Kubis Interactive, came up with a great interactive way to engage with their audience on YouTube: the beer synthesiser.

It’s not just a YouTube video, it’s a YouTube video where you can make your own tunes on a beer synthesiser.

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Kubis Interactive took advantage of a less-known feature of YouTube: all videos are divided into 10 chapters and by hitting the keys 0 to 9, you can skip back and forth within the video. So they made a video, of a beer synthesiser, where each musical note is linked to a chapter you can skip to by hitting the right key on your computer.

Magic? Not really. Can you play amazing tunes with it? Probably not. But is it one of the most interactive and original idea we have seen on YouTube? Oh yes!

Your turn now, Maestro! Press play and then start hitting keys from 0 to 9:

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