Pinterest Will Now Pinpoint You to ‘Related Pins’

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Starting today, Pinterest will use your history to pinpoint you to related content.

“Related pins” are picked specially for you based on the unique things you’re into, such as other Pins you’ve saved or liked . So if you’ve been collecting recipes for your big holiday feast, we might show you a related Pin for fool-proof pie crust, or the perfect double-stuffed sweet potato.


“One of the things we hear from pinners (like you!) is that it sometimes takes some work to find fresh pins you love,” reads the company’s blog. “To make things a little easier, we’re going to start delivering a selection of recommendations called ‘related pins’ right to your home feed.”

These pins are based on pins you’ve saved or liked, or pinned a lot of recently. The pins also will come with a thumbs up/thumbs down feature so users can give feedback and improve the relevance of the pins over time. To access this feature, click on the “i” icon on a pin.



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