Pinterest Unveils Cinematic Pins

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Advertising on Pinterest is about to become much better. The platform is rolling out several new tools and pricing options for its advertising services, the most interesting of all being some kind of new animated promoted pin called a Cinematic Pin.

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It’s no secret, anything animated grabs our attention. This even truer on Pinterest where most content usually is static. The platform is already allowing users to pin GIFs, but Cinematic Pins are something cooler: they only move when the user is scrolling.

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Yes, Cinematic Pins are only animated when you are scrolling down. Once you stop scrolling, the animation stops. And if you click on the pin, it will appear fully animated as it takes over the whole screen.


Cinematic Pins are not exactly video advertising like you see on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. No, Pinterest took into account users’ feedback before coming up with Cinematic Pins, as explained by Tim Kendall, Pinterest’s general manager of monetisation:

We have tested this extensively with users. What we heard was, auto-play ads are interruptive, and this is so much better because it keeps me in control. We didn’t even bother testing auto-play.

A Better Platform For Advertisers

Pinterest is also releasing new tools for audience targeting. Now advertisers will be able to target Promoted Pins based on users’ interests for example.

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The platform is also bringing in a new CPA (Cost Per Action) model, based on the number of engagements (re-pins and/or clicks) or app downloads the ads generated.

All these new features are already available to selected partners and they should be open to more advertisers in the near future.

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