Pinterest Launches Smart Board Picker on iOS and Android

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Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social platforms, with over 47 million monthly active users in the US alone. After launching the new Pin It button earlier in April, the platform is now getting smarter with the launch of a new feature, called “Smart board picker”, that can predict the boards that users will pin an image to.

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Smart board picker is being integrated into the new Pin It button – which cut down the steps that users had to make to re-pin something -and increased users who use the Quick Pick feature. It uses a new algorithm that can tell whether a pin matches the board category, board keywords, and how active a specific board is. Essentially, it tracks user-behavior to make the bookmarking user-experience a lot faster and more relevant.

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The way it works, is simple. During the usual pinning process, Pinterest will give a user two algorithm-chosen board predictions in the Quick Picks area. A user chooses the board, and that’s it!

Pinterest runs a scoring algorithm using the Pin against all the Pinner’s boards and return the best-scored board(s) based on content match. The scoring algorithm uses a linear combination of the following features:


Pinterest is growing fast, and this feature is on par with the company’s commitment to future growth, and making Pinterest a top contender to the other top social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest has always been a platform with a lot more women than men, but making the pinning process easier has helped increase male representation lately. The smart board picker might just be one of the latest features to continue this trend.

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