Pinterest Improves Video Viewing And Discovery

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Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that quietly improves its offerings, and is often among the first to launch new features and try new things out.

The latest feature is a native video player that allows users to watch video without having to leave the platform. This development does not come as a surprise, as Pinterest states that users are twice as likely to view a how-to video on Pinterest, than on other platforms. Moreover, Pinterest reported a 60% increase in videos on the platform during last year, another clear sign that we are now well into the video-era.

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Apart from the native video player, Pinterest is also experimenting with improved video discovery, by testing personalised recommendations for its users. Although no further details have been revealed at this stage, it is safe to assume that given the vast amount of data Pinterest collects, these recommendations will be based on our past pinning history and saved items from all around the web.

Moreover, it would be interesting to see how the social media network will monetise this feature, as brands will be more than willing to compete for a place in the “recommendations” section.

All updates will be broadly available within the next couple of months. In the meantime, you can get a first taste in the video below:

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