Pinterest Brings Visual Discovery Technology To Its Chrome Extension

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Just last month, Pinterest launched several new tools geared around visual discovery. Now, the company is brining that same technology to its Chrome browser extension. 

With Instant Ideas, Shop the Look and Lens (beta) users on Pinterest can start to generate ideas based on what they see on Pinterest or what their camera can pick up. Now, Pinterest is allowing the technology behind these incredible features to be used on the web. All you have to do to use it, is to install Pinterest’s extension for Chrome (support for other browsers will come soon). As Kent Brewster, a front-end engineer at Pinterest explains,

Now anything you see on Pinterest, or capture with the camera in your Pinterest app, can kick off a search for great ideas—all without typing a single character.

Once you install and activate the extension, you can simply hover over any image, and click on the magnifying glass that appears – in order to find related ideas to the image on Pinterest. You can also discover ideas that are  inspired by an entire website, simply by right-clicking in its background and choosing Search.



But it goes even further. You can search for specific things within an image by changing the area of the image you would like to search to focus on. Say, you like a specific couch. Pinterest might help you find it.



If your results aren’t really that great, you can use Pinterest search guides to help you refine the results. And if you want to go even deeper, just click on a result and continue digging into a specific image!

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