Pinning From Website Has Just Got More Beautiful

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Pinterest is the number 1 platform for traffic referral. And a lot of this comes the easiness with which users can “pin” content to their own boards, directly from the websites they visit.

Well Pinterest is making this even better.

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Pinning from a website is as simple as 1-2-3 really: click on the “Pin it” button, select a board and pin. So how could Pinterest make this better? By improving the design of course!

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Up to now, when you were hitting the “Pin it” button on a website (like this one for example), you would see something like this:


Well it seems that Pinterest is testing a new design for its popup box. Today, we started seeing a more beautiful, clearer and easier to use layout:


For now we have been able to repeat the experience on Firefox, Safari and Chrome, but only with the WeRSM Pinterest account (my personal account still opens the old popup – note that the WeRSM account is verified, mine not). Maybe it is just a test, maybe it is indeed a new layout that Pinterest will be rolling out to all accounts soon.

Have you seen the new layout yet? Anything you’d like to add to this article? Let us know in the comments please!

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