Improve Your Dating Bio With The Help Of Professionals

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Gone are the days of good ol’ pub craws and flirting. The 10’s have brought us Tinder, Happn, Bumble and all sorts of other dating apps.

They have also brought us a flood of information, along with an accompanying lack of attention. In this vast arena of online dating, how does one go and capture attention (and get some cheeky time)? The answer is blatantly obvious: Ask the professionals.

Let me explain: A dating bio can be a “make or break” deal. Think of it as an elevator pitch. And if it’s a pitch to be won, then who’s better than an advertising agency? Ta da!

All Bio Myself is an agency dedicated to providing succinct and witty online dating bios that help you over-promise, every time. Under-delivery is completely up to you, but please don’t mess it up. If all of this sounds like endless banter – it is. This brilliant spoof for Valentine’s day totally worked, and got us wondering, why we didn’t think about this earlier.

The mastermind behind this idea is The Public House, a Dublin-based agency that decided to donate its clever copywriters to the global cause of saving you from catastrophic dates. Enjoy their pitch, at least they convinced us.

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