Periscope Hires An Editor-In-Chief To Curate Feeds

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Facebook, and its dynamic entry into live-streaming has caused concern to Twitter‘s Periscope. Last year we talked about Periscope versus Meerkat – now that Meerkat is focusing on other things, Periscope is facing a showdown with Facebook. So, the company is resorting to some interesting ideas. It has just hired an editor-in-chief to curate its best feeds.

The new hire for the position of editor-in-chief, is Evan Hansen, previously editor at Wired.com and more recently Medium. Evan has explained that his role will include

curating [the] best feeds to start, surfacing the most interesting content to the people most likely to want to see it.

Of course there is more juice to this than what we are lead to believe, and it is clear that Periscope will really need to come up with something incredibly good to compete with Facebook. Facebook has moved swiftly, and in less than a year, is now ahead of all its competitors – including Periscope, which had started a lot earlier in the live-streaming game.

Facebook is also allegedly paying celebrities and other publishers to use its live offering, which does start to tip things in its favour.

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Evan Hansen left the rest to our imagination

It is new territory with lots of potential room to develop,

With Periscope video playing natively within the Twitter feed, there is a lot we can imagine will take place soon.

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